Bike safety ordinance up for a vote

Update The bike safety ordinance was passed today - good job everyone who called (altho, since Daley supported it, it was probably a done deal anyway). Daley defended bike messengers and then, in his inimitable style, offered some advice to everyone: "You have to be careful if you are reckless."

The Chicago city council will be voting on this ordinance Wednesday. Don't know if it will have any effect, but at the very least it's a good symbolic move. Call your alderman now.

From the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation:
The ordinance would fine motorists up to $500 for endangering a bicyclist. It identifies specific behavior, including:
  • Requiring a minimum of three feet of clearance while passing bicyclists
  • Prohibiting a motorist from opening a door into moving traffic, reducing the danger of “dooring”
  • Raising the fines for vehicles parked in bike lanes or marked shared lanes
  • Requiring motorists to yield to oncoming bicyclists when turning left, which prevents a “left hook” crash
  • Prohibiting motorists from turning right in front of a bicyclist, which prevents a “right hook” crash
  • Requiring motorists to exercise due care for bicyclists in addition to pedestrians
For fun, check out the incredibly high levels of vitriol that drivers direct at bikers in these comments.

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