The costs of China's development - and our Wal-Mart habit

From 新华社/Xinhua, this perverse boast:
China reduced the death toll from coal mine accidents by 24 percent to 1,631 in the first seven months, Huang Yi, deputy head of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, said on Saturday.
So after major safety improvements, China's ravenous appetite for energy - which in no small part is driven by the demand for cheap exports to the USA - devours almost 8 lives every day.

Anyone who has not already done so should make a point of seeing 盲井/Mángjǐng (Blind shaft), which is the best film about reform-era China that I've seen.

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JingZ said...

I saw that film last month. It was good. The story is actually not as exciting as I expect, but it is good enough to teach people something about life of workers in coal mine.