According to a report using 2000 census data, these are the top ten US metropolitan areas with households that do not own a car:

New York City - 42 percent
Jersey City - 30 percent
Waterbury, Connecticut - 16 percent
New Orleans - 14 percent
Philadelphia - 13 percent
Newark - 12 percent
San Francisco - 12 percent
Chicago - 11 percent
Los Angeles - 11 percent


Eric Allix Rogers said...

My first reaction was that this was incorrect, but that's because I'd only seen data on this for the city proper, not the region. And of course, the region/metro is the appropriate level to look at this.

stephen said...

Hmm, that report infers that car ownership is preferable. In a certain way, I'm proud of the fact that I take public transit everywhere I go and only rent a car if I'm trekking off-road or far away from a city.

Jake said...

Yeah, I'd like to see that carless figure go a lot higher. If we want to protect against lack of mobility in the event of a disaster, we should improve the rail network. Trains can get people out of a city faster than a couple million people jumping on the highway at the same time anyway.

Anonymous said...

Who are all those losers who don't own cars?